Our family has had a cabin in the mountains on the outskirts of Blue Ridge, GA for years and have absolutely fallen in love with the area! Our family is divided between Charleston, South Carolina and Tampa Bay, Florida so the mountains of North Georgia have become a great middle point for gatherings. Because each season offers something special, we truly enjoy vacationing in Blue Ridge throughout the year. While we were never initially focused on the potential rental opportunities, we noticed the popularity of the area was increasing dramatically. As the reservation calendar for our cabin began filling up rapidly we knew if we wanted to use it ourselves that we had to come up with an alternative! Situated on over 4-acres of land, we explored the concept of building a second home on our lot. Ultimately we found out that in our area we would be restricted to just one home per parcel of land, regardless of the lot size. We didn't want to buy a second cabin - so we came up with a new idea!    


Our family enjoying a day at Vogel State Park, just 25-miles from our treehouses


Having been long-time fans of the television show Treehouse Masters, we knew this was the concept we wanted to run with! The folks with Nelson Treehouse (featured on the hit television show) do incredible work,  but we wanted to construct something custom of our own. In the summer of 2019 we had our final planning meeting to lay out all of the ideas we had for our new project. In the fall of 2019 we purchased over 4-acres of unrestricted land complete with mountain views, a creek, and ultimate seclusion. In early 2020 we started clearing the land in preparation for construction. While COVID-19 stalled our progress for over 3-months, we're back to work summer 2020 to get these builds completed for you by 2021! 

Nelson Treehouse Design Georgia Mountains
Blue Ridge GA Treehouse Rental Nelson Treehouses
treehouse 2.jpg


Our land survey to pick the ideal locations for each treehouse has been completed. Our initial rental offering will be two treehouses fully customized to offer guests the ultimate mountain vacation experience blended with the luxuries you'd come to expect of a 5-star hotel. 

With over 4-acres of land, we want to be sure that each unit offers the utmost privacy for our guests. While privacy is our number one priority, we also wanted to find build locations on our land that showcase all of the reasons why we selected this location. Sunrise views, sunset views, long range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, direct access to the wonderful sounds of the babbling creek that runs through our property, outdoor space for fire pits, enough clearing to build decking and viewing platforms, and so much more! 

Land clearing was nearly complete before we were sidetracked due to COVID-19. We are back in summer 2020 and have our well installed! Next steps will be establishing electricity and the installation of the septic systems.

Creek on Blue Ridge Treehouse Property
Blue Ridge Luxury Treehouse Location
Creek in Blue Ridge Georgia Treehouse Site

One of our favorite features on the newly purchased 4+ acres of land is the peaceful creek that meanders along the bottom of the property. Whether in view from your treehouse or not, rest assured we'll have walking trails leading you right down to the creek so that you can enjoy its beauty. All treehouses will also be built a short distance from the creek so with open windows or a quiet evening on the deck, you should be able to hear the babbling brook 24-hours a day!

Blue Ridge Treehouse Cabins Location
Blue Ridge Treehouse Mountain View
Mountain Sunset Views in Blue Ridge GA

Our parcel of land is huge and full of trees! Each treehouse site will be built for the ultimate seclusion from others. Our mission is to leave this nature as untouched as possible. Don't worry about trees obstructing your views though, we'll be trimming the entire area to ensure each treehouse will it's own unique one of kind view of the long range mountains. 

Georgia Mountain Treehouse View
Blue Ridge Treehouse Overhead View
Blue Ridge GA Treehouses Location

During the land selection process we brought along the drone to be sure we could grab that birds eye view of the land to be certain it fit everything we wanted in our vacation retreat. Check out some aerial footage 200 + feet above our property! This gem of land is certain to have some of the best views in all of Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Be sure to stay tuned here for future updates throughout our entire build process....